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Name:Ari Wednesday

Ariadne "Barking Mad" Wednesday was born in Port. St. Thaumaden under the blood red sky of Icarus IX, on the seventh day of the seventh month on the seventh year of the seventh millenium. Her father was an Imperial explorer and adventurer, and her mother was a Icaran merchant, tradeswoman and expert shot.

She was seven years old when she captained her first vessel, a dust skiff with seven sails and the eyes of Icarus himself painted on either side of the prow, wide and dark and blue. By the time she was seventeen, she had taken to the sea of dust like a cog to grease.

By the time she was twenty seven, she had seven ships under her command and captained her own Widowmaker, the Daedalus. With seven masts and seventy cannons, it was rumoured to have sailed seven times round the world on only a seventh of a fuel cell. But that could just be a tall tale told to woo the tourists... One never can tell.
Icarus IX is a planet without water. What it does have is a gargantuan standing dust storm, layers upon layers of particulate matter, struck through with electrical storms and magnetic phenomenon, populated by beings strange
and wondrous. It is a sea of dust.

Locals fish the deeps with strainer nets, miners filter the wind for raw materials, and the Imperial Navy fights to gain a foothold on a world where the very air eats away at their advanced technology. Every day is a struggle, and Wednesday? Loves every damned minute.

Modern AU available here

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