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Day 113: Seven Sisters

From the Jansz Cartographical Treatise on Alchera III
The Lethen Sea, also known as the Sea of Dust, is a meteorological anomaly not documented anywhere else in the known universe. Extremely fine particulate matter perpetually suspended in continual atmospheric disturbance, a standing dust storm rippled with magnetic and electrical phenomenon. It is a true ocean, complete with tides and currents, all supporting a rich and varied ecological system. Three million people live on the Verge, the single land mass in the northern hemisphere that rises above the Lethen, most of them in port cities in the north and east. Due to the violent nature of the seas near the equator and the difficulty of travelling overland (see the Field of Fractures, Flinders & Macquarie, v3), the southern rim has remained uncharted.

† The Imperial name for Icarus IX.

Wednesday loves the season of storms.  The cruisers that dare chase her south, past the ninth beam and into uncharted storms, all of them, without fail, ended up shredded on the breakers.  The Sisters are seven massive stone columns that rise up out of the sea, invisible on Imperial sensors until it's too late for them to alter course.  This time of year, it is her practice to run full tilt at their patrols, perforate their sails with a volley of shot and then make haste for their shadows.  It's really, like shooting pips in a barrel.

Come spring, there will be a lot of valuable salvage along the cliffs, at least in the form of scrap metal.



"Yes, Mr. Merrell.  Come in. Have a cup of tea."

"An it please you, I haven't time.  Maybe later.  Patrol sighted."

"Oh really?"

Merrell grinned at the predatory twist of his captain's lips.  "Aye, standard four by, with a gully mate flying escort."

"Oh they think they can pin me with a gully mate?  I do believe I'm insulted, Mr. Merrell."

"Aye.  I would be too.  Same as always?"

"Run out the guns, Mr. Merrell.  Bring her up to altitude and let's bring the Sisters some tribute, shall we?"

"Aye, Captain!"

Wednesday sipped the last of her tea, and then reached for her coat.  This time she wanted to watch the man's eyes when he realised he'd sailed over the beam into the teeth of her trap.


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