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[eudio] CUDDLR

Ariadne Wednesday (36)
New to city. Looking for a good publican. Cards, drinks, civilized discourse. And possibly more.

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Elysium or if you'd prefer something a little more casual, the Coat and Arms.

Civilized discourse and possibly more definitely caught my eye
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Archangel to be precise.

It's a good start as any. I assure you I'm not too intense.
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I wouldn't have it any other way.

Would you prefer to meet me in person and see for yourself?
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It's quite alright. I'm not offended. Quite used to it actually. It's the more bold responses that sometimes take some getting used to.

Elysium it is. Are you free this evening? Or later this week perhaps?
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sorry for the delay I'll hit that log asap

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Fair enough.

I'm rather flexible. Give me a ring and I would be happy to meet you there whenever you are free.