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[APP] Eudio


NAME: Flynn or cavalaxis
AGE: 46
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NAME: Captain Ariadne "Barking Mad" Wednesday

CANON: original character

AGE: 36



To understand this character, one must understand where she comes from. Captain Ariadne "Barking Mad" Wednesday was born on the planet of Icarus IX, a planet deemed wholly worthless by the Imperial hegemony, outside its mining concerns and its historical function as a prison planet. Icarus IX is a dust planet with a limited amount of habitable real estate and the primary geographic feature of a standing magnetic storm colloquially referred to as the Sea of Dust. The Sea plays merry hell with the Empire's advanced technology, a fact the past ten generations of inhabitants have exploited while they adapted to life in the dust. In short, airship pirates.

Ari never knew her parents. She was raised with two narratives: one, that her mother was a murderer and her father a hero of the Empire. The other, that her father was a bloodless oppressor, and her mother was a revolutionary hero. She grew up doing her lessons behind the bar at her uncle's publican house, learning mathematics at the gaming tables and the art of diplomacy at the elbow of smugglers negotiating their contracts.

Sparing you the entire length and breadth of her ascension, suffice it to say, she's made enough of an impression to inspire a reputation. Nay, even a bit of folklore. She was seven years old when she captained her first vessel, a dust skiff with seven sails and the eyes of Icarus himself painted on either side of the prow, wide and dark and blue. By the time she was seventeen, she had taken to the sea of dust like a cog to grease. By the time she was twenty seven, she had seven ships under her command and captained her own Widowmaker, the Daedalus. With seven masts and seventy cannons, it was rumoured to have sailed seven times round the world on only a seventh of a fuel cell. But that could just be a tall tale told to children, one never can tell.

Ari would enter Eudio from a point of ascension. She's been a Captain for a few years and is just beginning to see the real potential for power. Power to do something good for her people. She's never seen herself as a leader, but if she can, she'll do right by them, even if no one else would judge them worth the water.

PERSONALITY: Ari is a free spirit. A revolutionary, though she'd spit to hear herself described as that. As a captain, she's used to being in command and as such, doesn't take well to being ordered around. She can be laidback and passionate by turns. She has a filthy sense of humor and it takes a lot to make her angry, but heaven help the poor soul who does. She enjoys the company of people, but still holds a piece of herself in reserve. She's endlessly curious about what's beyond the next horizon, and if someone tells her she can't do something, she'll do it just to prove them wrong.

Above all, she's extremely intelligent and doesn't take shit from anyone. She's also a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and if she gets restless, she can get stupid. But her beliefs in the inviolability of personal will fits in well with the laws of strictly consensual contact practiced in Eudio. In her world, people are ruled by harsh environments, so free will is a luxury. She considers it to be a birthright given to all humanity, regardless of their station. And if pressed, she would fight to the death to defend it.

INCENTIVE: Ari was approached by a Eudio representative after a series of financial and political setbacks. She's been promised a patron inside the Imperial court, someone who is content to remain anonymous, who has unlimited financial resources and who shares her own political goals for Icarus IX. Someone who can guide her without denying her the ability to make her own choices and subsequently, her own mistakes.

FIT: Ari is a very sensual person. With her current responsibilities as Captain of a fighting vessel, she's kept herself at arm's length from her crew. A captain can't afford to be seen as soft. Here in Eudio, she has no such responsibilities and as such, she'll have the ability to explore that aspect of her personality. She doesn't intend to take up the life of a courtesan, but that won't prevent her from enjoying herself either. It is what's expected of her, after all. And I believe that the very broad parameters of consensual physical contact will surprise her as well. Her own world has kept her softer side repressed, and this new environment will challenge her worldviews in a lot of subtle ways. The representative had an extended conversation with her about the concept of informed consent, and while she understands it, as a woman from a frontier world, she's not quite sure she believes there's any place that can act accordingly. But as someone who thrives on her own personal autonomy remaining intact, the idea that she would do anything to encroach upon someone else's turns her stomach.


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ANYTHING ELSE? Ari is baseline human, but she's lead a very athletic life. She's strong and flexible. She's accustomed to muscling an airship around in constantly shifting currents. She's at home in the rigging even in gale force winds. She's also a brilliant mind at the gaming table and she can read people's moods and motivations better than she'd ever let on. She's not telepathic. It just feels like that sometimes.