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Ari Wednesday ([personal profile] barkingmad) wrote1995-01-24 07:21 pm
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[Modern AU] Ariadne Wednesday

London, 2014: Ariadne Wednesday loves her job.  She acquires things for people.  Her business card says Wine Merchant, but that is largely a cover.  Not only does she travel around the world acquiring rare and precious bottles of wine, whiskey, and liqueurs, she also brings the rarest spices and ingredients to the best chefs in the world.

Other things may have been known to disappear in her presence, but only on rare occasions and only under very certain circumstances.  Jewels and art stolen by the nazis have found their way home via her suitcase.  She's also been known to indulge in specific acts of wealth re-distribution, and play merry havoc with smugglers whose cargo she deems to be unsavoury.

She speaks a handful of languages, she has contacts in every major city in the world, and she loves finding the most interesting people to spend her down time with.  She's a bit of an adrenaline junkie, as well.  She's not terribly good at following the rules, and she's very good at not getting caught.  When she does find herself in a pickle, she's not above resolving a confrontation with the traditional Glaswegian kiss.

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